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Templar Commando Gin Limited Edition | Navy Strength

Templar Commando Gin Limited Edition | Navy Strength

70cl | 57% ABV

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Formed in 1664, Her Majesties Royal Marines are the fighting soldiers of the Royal Navy. With an envious history of service to the monarchy and an impressive list of battle honours, they are revered the world over.

Templar are delighted to offer a limited-edition Navy Strength gin as our nod to the ‘Bootnecks’ that have served and continue to serve.

Navy strength is the term for a gin that's at least 57% ABV. The history of this style stretches back to the 18thcentury, when gin was stored on British Navy ships next to the gunpowder. If the gin spilt and got into the gunpowder, then the higher proof would ensure that the gunpowder still exploded.

Whilst you won’t explode, the mix of the finest botanicals including Juniper, Corriander, Cassia, Angelica, Grapefruit and Cardamom will ensure a high quality refreshingly smooth experience either as a gin and tonic or in a cocktail.

We suggest mixing our Navy Strength gin with a Mediterranean tonic and serving with a slice of grapefruit or orange.

These will be released every year on 28th October for the Corps Birthday.

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